Precision Dispensing

Innovative has developed a state-of-the-art pump system to dispense fluids. Our pumps can can accurately dispense high viscosity products such as grease or silicone. This pump can be driven with a servo motor to deliver accurate bead shapes. It can also be configured to dispense accurate volumes with a single-shot piston.

Innovative has a positive displacement pump that has been used to accurately dispense grease, high viscosity silicone oil and silicone based epoxy.

This pump can be driven with an air cylinder if the dispense volume is always the same.

This pump can be driven by a servo actuator so it can be electronically “cam-ed” with motion to give very precise dispense pattern

Many applications require precision dispensing. Innovative has experience dispensing UV-curable glues, reagents with .0005 liter accuracies, and lubricants.

We have built equipment that has filled reagent test packs, silicone oils for insulin pumps, and drugs into delivery devices, and we can dispense glue in programmable patterns.

Twelve pumps on this system dispensed three lines of reagent into micro fluidic channels in the product (4-up). The reagent was temperature controlled and it’s shelf life was monitored as well.

Innovative modified a standard IVEK pump by adding an Allen-Bradley servo.

This allowed Innovative to accurately dispense a line of reagent into a channel. The dispense was electronically geared to the linear servo, so dispense speed matched the travel speed of the linear servo.