Robot Integration

With the increasing need for flexibility in automation, robots are becoming more common on machinery. Our relationships with robot manufacturers, such as ABB, FANUC and others, give us an advantage when integrating robots. From our experience, we’ve learned methods that help make maintenance and setup more definable and less difficult.

We employ programming and homing techniques to streamline positioning so that it is no longer necessary to reteach homing positions.

Innovative integrates any brand of robotic arm. Our preference is ABB or FANUC, but we have integrated Staubli, Epson, and Mitubishi as well.

Robot handling large glass sheets

Robots are cost effective when dealing with large tray grid arrays

These robots each had 8 loading grippers and 8 unloading grippers used to load leak test stations

Large robot arm with extended reach

This application used a 6 axis robot to stack product in a dryer. The product had reagent that needed to be dried for 15 minutes while the machine produced 40 ppm.

The pallets were stacked in the dryer and removed once they reached the 15 minute resonance time.

Each nest had an RFID tag that allowed the controller to keep track of the status of each.

Stacked nests with RFID tags on the right hand side.

The nests were designed to allow low humidity air flow across them