Vision Inspection

Because 60 percent of our business is in the medical device industry, many of our automated systems have one or more vision stations for measurement or part verification.

In addition to having several onsite vision experts, we create Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI). These interfaces allow end users to calibrate and verify the vision stations with step-by-step processes, streamlining your daily pre-batch and end-batch verifications.

The vision here was used to verify a dispensed dot was accurately placed and proper volume (by dome shape)

This application used the vision to dispense UV glue with an OD tolerance of + .001″/-.000″

Innovative uses vision to measure critical part dimensions, detect part defects, and to guide servo driven and robotic motion

Every vision application has a calibration/verification tool so you can confirm at the beginning of your batch and end of batch that the vision is properly set up

Co-Extruded sheet – punched, transfered, and heat-sealed to product for hermetic seal