Part Welding

Many assembly processes require welding. For that reason, Innovative has integrated laser welding , ultrasonic welding, and resistance welding technologies for numerous applications. We have integrated resistance welding for several aerospace, battery, and medical device applications. These applications required custom electrode designs and integrated automated controls. The systems included automated measuring to verify the part positioning before welding and verification after welding.

Innovative has experience with all types of welding.

Laser – Ultrasonic – Resistance – TIG – Thermal – Hot Plate

Innovative has been integrating ultrasonic welders for 40 years. We have experts in the field that have solved difficult part welding issues for customers. Some solutions have come from using polymer supports which is counterintuitive, but has allow us to weld parts that were not possible using conventional techniques

Resistance Welding

Laser Welding

Hot plate welding