Fully Automated Systems

At Innovative we are not tied to a standard chassis. We do not stuff your application into a chassis that may not be best for your needs. We chose the right chassis solution for your project!

Rotary Dials

We use a rotary dial for applications with very expensive nest tooling. This minimizes the total number of nests needed.

Precision Link Indexers

We use a precision link indexer if you application needs to maximize dwell time on station. A precision indexer will index the nests into position quickly so more of the cycle time available can be used for working on the parts in the nest

Pallet Based Systems

We use a loose pallet/conveyor system for applications where accuracy is critical, and there are many stations feeding into the assembly.

Servo Carousels

If your application has one or two long cycle process’ that need to be “multi-up”, a linear Servo-motor carousel might be the best option. “Smart nests” can gang up for a multi-up operation and then progress through the rest of the system 1-up very efficiently.

These systems also offer accurate positioning and very fast indexing

Walking Beam Systems

In some cases a simple walking beam is the best indexing solution!

Hybrid Systems

If you need automated stations to perform assembly functions but your parts are difficult to automatically feed. A hybrid system might be the best solution for your needs.

Operators load parts into pallets. Pallets convey into guarded areas where automatic functions are performed