Innovative: what you get with your machine

Innovative provides many standard features that you expect in a quality piece of equipment!

Quality construction: Welded structural steel frames, clean cable runs, Ethernet connection ports

Electrical Standards:

Wire ferrules on every wire, wire numbers on every wire, full electrical schematic that are verify before shipment for accuracy, Clean panels designed and built in-house

Documentation that exceeds expectations

HMI screens with guard door status. No more wondering which door is not closed completely!

Solenoid Interlocked guard doors – safety and prevention of uncontrolled stoppages

Modular station I/O design allows us to assemble, plumb, wire, and test while station is on a bench

Vibratory Feeding Standard Features

Inline tracks with movable covers so you can clear jams!

Non-contact bowl level sensors so no damaging parts with a sensor paddle.

Full track sensors so bowls do not run constantly

Supply hoppers to allow bowls to run for several hours unattended

Double welded polished bowls for medical device components.

Cable carriers used to keep wires, hoses, cables tidy on moving platforms. Also maintains minimum cable bend radius’

Vision lens distortion calibration

Insures camera measurements are accurate

Special calibration tools to align robotic pick and places with camera fields

Required where vision guidance is used