Our Mission

Strategic partnerships based on trust. We look forward to being your strategic partner and creating a long-lasting relationship.

We know that procuring equipment, especially manufacturing equipment, automated systems, large capital expenditures, can be intimidating.

It takes a large amount of capital and a long lead time. With that in mind, we are thrilled that you have chosen Innovative for your project. Our customers are our most important asset and that shows through in the work that we do. It is our mission to see every project succeed no matter how large or small.

Our perseverance and reputation has helped us create long-lasting relationships with our customers. Innovative does not advertise or do trade shows. Nearly all of our business is generated through word-of-mouth and returning customers.

We are eager to become your strategic partner and establish a long-lasting relationship.

A long-lasting customer relationship

CustomerA worked for a well-known health and beauty aids company, when he asked Innovative to design a high speed automated system. When CustomerA moved to a new company, a national leader in alkaline batteries, he called on us to help with a large amount of automation for a new product. He then moved to a medical device company where, again, he called on Innovative to design more equipment.

Our relationship with CustomerA developed over the course of 25 years as he brought us along to each new company. Even after his departure, Innovative maintained growing relationships with each of the companies, resulting in other opportunities to help with their automation projects.