Our Partners

At Innovative, we forge partnerships with companies similar to us. Companies who make their customers’ success their primary goal.


We partner with Amada for applications requiring laser welding, laser drilling, and laser marking. Amada is an industry leader in laser technology integration and this partnership gives Innovative an edge in these areas.

Innovative has an onsite Amada applications lab that we leverage to provide our customers with inventive and reliable solutions.

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Nearly all of today’s automation requires an integrated robot. If customers have a preference, Innovative will use robots from any manufacturer, but we have a special relationship with FANUC and their support team. FANUC and Innovative have collaborated on many projects so we are very familiar with their line of products and how to integrate them.

For examples of FANUC robot integration with Innovative automated systems, check out the following videos on the FANUC YouTube channel:

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Innovative is New England’s largest user of Festo products. Because we work directly with them instead of through distributors, we have influence over new product designs and access to products not available to the general public.

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Innovative provides all of Uson’s fixturing and integration. Uson Innovative Systems (UIS) are precision-engineered leak test systems for manual, semi-automatic and fully automated leak testing.

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