Product Design

Innovative can help you if you have a product that is process intensive and you need help packaging it into a commercial format.

We have done several prototype systems for customers and also fully developed products for customers.

This product welds high purity plastic pipe. Our customer came to us with a previous generation design that was large, heavy, and awkward to use. We redesigned it to be lighter and more user friendly.

Innovative also designed the shipping case.

The controller for the weld head was redesigned as small as possible. Innovative worked with the customer to develop a controller that is about 10X smaller than the previous generation controller. This made the product much easier for the user to bring on a scissor lift where the product is often used.

This product used extremely hot air to strip fiber optic sheathing. The customer developed the hot air delivery system and Innovative designed the box with the stripping and cleaving capability

Innovative designed and built the elevator system on the front of this standard product